2019ELECTION: INEC postpones elections

INEC postpones elections


The INEC officials held a crucial meeting 40minutes to midnight to go over their preparation for the commencement of the Presidential Election which was to come up today 16th of February 2019, the outcome of this meeting led to the postpostment of both the Presidential and Governatorial Elections in which both were postponed by one week.

The PDP party followers have expressed their dissatisfaction on this saying this is a plot to rig the elections. He said the PMB administration has perceived that people will be coming out in Mass just to vote for Alhaji Atiku. “We refuse to accept this is a logistics problem” they said.

Let me quickly bring our mind back to the 2015 Presidential election that it was postponed too from being held in the month of February to March.

The founder of the SCOAN, Prophet T.B Joshua, prophesied this is going to happen and it just happened, should we accept this is a thing of the Lord since we’ve been crying to him to choose us a leader??

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We emplore everyone to stay calm as some members of party might carry out violent activities just to display their dissatisfaction and waiting is not denial, come out all next week to exercise your right.

Vote&not fight


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