Jungle justice is a very rampant social issue in a smart city like Lagos where people waste no time in passing instant judgement on anyone identified as a criminal, or even a mere suspect. Now, jungle justice is not only cities’ issue but also common in towns and villages. Recently, one Femi Solar had his own full portion of jungle justice and people believed that that served him very right.

He was a young fellow in my home town, Oro, Irepodun Kwara State. “Femi Solar” as he was notoriously called, was known for any activities that are crime-involved. Right in front of the Police Station, he was set ablaze by the angry mob and roasted into ashes like palm leaves of ‘ash Wednesday’, today being Wednesday, 20 March.

The sad news of his death, or rather happy news as the case may be, has spread everywhere like Kebbl’s wind. Stories on social media had it that Femi Solar murdered one young motorcyclist, Tunde by name, and went away with the latter’s new motorcycle. A resident that I interviewed while gathering this writing confirmed that Femi was indeed notorious. “He’s well known for criminalities. Sometime last year, he macheted a guy to death and robbed him of his new bike”. The source elucidated.

But why jungle justice ? Why should, or must a man take laws into his own hands? To suggest an answer, may I say that people no longer trust the law enforcement agencies, not even the legal or Judicial system ? People seem to have lost faith and hope in these institutions donkey years ago! Last year when Femi was handed over to the police, he of course was released eventually. Imagine someone who murdered a fellow man!

As a son of the soil who had his basic and Grammar school in Oro, I’ve known my town for one thing, peace! I do not think murderers should be tolerated, even though Oro is a reputable and hospitable Igbomina town. However, I also wouldn’t consent to jungle justice. Our traditional rulers should help us out. The Kwara State Government should look into matters of this kind and ensure that murderers, killers and their cohorts are brought to book, accordingly.

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