Here are the List of Africa countries with confirmed coronavirus cases

As coronavirus spreads across the globe, countries in Africa are taking preventive measures to keep the disease out and many are showing a strong level of preparedness to counter its spread.

There are now more than 100 cases recorded in 11 countries in Africa, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization.

Egypt remains the nation with the most reported cases with 59, more than half of all confirmed cases on the continent.

Reported cases

The countries with reported cases as of Wednesday, according to the World Health Organization, include the following:

  • Algeria — 20
  • Burkina Faso — 2
  • Cameroon — 2
  • Democratic Republic of Congo –1
  • Egypt — 59 (includes 1 death)
  • Morocco — 3 (includes 1 death)
  • Nigeria — 2
  • Senegal — 4
  • South Africa — 13
  • Tunisia — 5
  • Togo — 1

South Africa on Wednesday released a statement saying it had recorded six new cases of the virus, bringing the total number to 13.

The new cases include a 33-year-old woman who had traveled to Italy and returned on March 1 and a couple, a 34-year-old male and a 33-year-old female, who had traveled to Germany and returned on March 9, authorities said.

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Morocco confirmed its first fatality due to coronavirus, according to local media reports. An 89-year-old woman who had other health complications died from the virus, the health ministry said.

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