The number of new hospitalizations is flattening in Connecticut.

Gov. Ned Lamont of Connecticut, like his counterparts in New York and New Jersey, said there has been a relatively modest net gain in virus-related hospitalizations from Wednesday to Thursday. He called the data “good news” and a sign that “we may be reaching peak.”

Mr. Lamont reported that another 45 people had died of the virus — a one-day increase similar to those earlier in the week — but he spent more time focused on the increase of just 46 hospitalizations statewide since Wednesday.

Fairfield County, the area of Connecticut to be hit hardest by the pandemic and where the virus was first detected in the state, had experienced a slight decrease in new hospitalizations from Wednesday to Thursday, he added.

Mr. Lamont nonetheless cautioned that “one day does not a trend make.” Still, he said he hoped that the figures on Thursday might portend positive developments in the future.

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