Hospitalizations in New York are almost flat, but deaths keep rising.

As it has for several days, the story of the coronavirus in New York had two strands on Thursday: encouraging progress and devastating loss of life, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said.

In the past two weeks, the number of virus patients hospitalized has grown more and more slowly, from over 20 percent a day at one point to single-digit percent increases this week.

From Wednesday to Thursday, the number increased by 200, to 18,279, or just 1 percent.

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If the trend were to continue, the number of people in hospitals would soon start to decline — a sign that the virus had passed its apex.

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But the number of people dying of the virus continues to grow. The state recorded 799 deaths from Wednesday to Thursday, another one-day high.

For the second straight day, Mr. Cuomo compared the toll of the virus to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, calling the virus a “silent explosion that ripples through society with the same randomness, the same evil that we saw on 9/11.”

As he has done repeatedly in recent days, Mr. Cuomo stressed that social distancing and other restrictions would continue to be enforced, because they were necessary to maintain the progress the state has made.

He also cautioned that New York might only be in the first wave of the pandemic. The state would probably have enough hospital beds and ventilators to treat virus patients if current trends hold, he said, but its resources would be insufficient if the most drastic projections about the outbreak were realized.
“Everybody is assuming, well, once we get through this, we’re done,” Mr. Cuomo said. “I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that. This virus has been ahead of us from day one.

Sources: The New York Times


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