Covid-19 In Africa: Confirmed Cases, Deaths & Recoveries, See Also The 52 African Countries With Coronavirus Cases

There are two African countries that have not recorded a case of coronavirus as of April 11. 52 countries have officially recorded cases. The death toll is past nearing 900 whiles recoveries are also past 3,000. Cases have also passed the 16,000 mark.

The only region with virus-free countries being southern Africa where Comoros and Lesotho have yet to confirm cases. Sao Tome and Principe in Central Africa officially recorded cases on April 6. Becoming the 52nd African country and the final in Central Africa.

Major stats as at April 14

  • Confirmed cases = 16,169
  • Number of deaths = 868
  • Recoveries = 3,201
  • Infected countries = 52
  • Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Most impacted nations per region (as of April 14):

The basic records are referenced from the African Union’s Africa Center for Disease Control, Africa CDC and the John Hopkins hospital LIVE portal, we also prioritize tallies from trusted national sources.

  • Southern Africa = South Africa; 2,415 cases, 27 deaths, 410 recoveries
  • East Africa = Djibouti; 363 cases, 2 deaths, 53 recoveries
  • West Africa = Ivory Coast; 638 cases, 6 deaths, 114 recoveries
  • Central Africa = Cameroon; 848 cases, 14 deaths, 130 recoveries
  • North Africa = Egypt; 2,350 cases, 178 deaths, 589 recoveries

Djibouti topples Mauritius as East Africa’s most impacted as of April 14

Ivory Coast topples Burkina Faso as West Africa’s most impacted as of April 14

As of April 10, Egypt retakes spot as North Africa’s most impacted

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As of April 2; Algeria toppled Egypt to become the most impacted North African country

  • South Sudan confirmed index case on April 5, becoming 51st country to record an infection_*
  • Sao Tome and Principe confirmed index cases on April 6, becoming 52nd country to record an infection_*

The classifications are based on where the countries are located especially in the case of countries that belong to two different blocs.

Experts are currently advocation mass testing as cases of local transmission grow in a number of countries. Most countries are enforcing lockdowns, curfews to combat spread and improve containment of confirmed cases.

The virus-free duo are:

1. Lesotho

2. Comoros


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