FCT PDP Chieftain Decamps To APC

by ameboclick

FCT PDP Chieftain Decamps To APC


Firmly built Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member, Alhaji Abubakar Sidi, has renounced his membership and pitched his tent with the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the FCT.

He was the former FCT campaign coordinator for Goodluck/Sambo 2015 campaign, he said he left the party because of the caliber of people that are now members, said they have swayed from the party’s vision and has forgotten the patriotic stand of the founding members.
I feel sick by the downgrading actions of the new entrants to the party and how they have betrayed and sideline the old members he said.
Alhaji Sidi praised PMB administration by saying there is improvement in the security section and poverty, ethnic, religious and tribal divisions significantly reduced since APC came to power in 2015.
He urged Nigerians to cast their votes for APC party because they have making effort to right the wrongs of the past and therefore the next four years will be prosperous for the party as it sweeps the polls.

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