I’ll Die If You Don’t Marry Me, Lady Beg Boyfriend In Warri


In a video which is currently trending online now, a lady took to the street in Warri to beg her boyfriend to marry her or she would die.

The lady who made it a do or die affair fainted repeatedly on the busy road purported saying “marry me or I die“ as could be seen in the video.

A young man with his clothes off, believed to be the boyfriend was heard crying out;

“this girl go put me for problem, what’s all this na, which kind scam be this”, as residents and passersby gathered.

The lady could be seen in the video rolling on the ground, begging her boyfriend to have a change of mind, as what was supposed to come as a big surprise for the man and an eventual joy for her, turned out to be a very sad moment.

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The man was however persuaded by people around them to at least accept the ring, but he rejected the please vehemently for reasons best known to him.

The lady must have waited long enough and thought to herself it would be in her interest to make the move. But it was just so unfortunate she was rejected.




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