NigeriaDecides2019; Kwarans Sings Enough “Otoge” Through Their Votes

An End Might Have Come To Saraki Era Of Dominating Kwara Politics

The Kwara state capital, Ilorin, recorded it’s high vote in favor of The All Progressive Congress. This is not much of a surprise as Kwarans has decided to stay off being used by Senator Bukola Saraki popularly known as Leader. The people of Kwara state has decided to put a stop to his leadership amidst them saying it’s has never been in their favor.

“We served the father blindly and did same for him but now our eyes have been opened and we are putting a stop to this” They started putting this into action when Bukola Saraki decamped from APC to PDP, a quite majority number of Kwarans would have followed him as expected that Kwarans will decamped with him but they stood their ground in the APC party. They brought up a slogan in the APC party “O To Ge” which means it is enough, what’s enough? Enough of using us for your own gain,
Enough of every godfather rule over us,
Enough of depriving us of our rights,
“We want our voice to be heard and we will do this through our votes”
Seems like Leader has just been overthrown in his own state.


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