Now That Elections Are Over, Let’s Be Friends Again..! By Adebola Adewara


Now that the elections are over, you will see how the politicians would be re-adjusting themselves. Some will return to the party from which they decamped and villified with unprintable words, some will remain principled and stay where they are while some will decamp much later after their supporters have forgotten about them.
Right now, the winners will be savouring their victories and calculating all they spent on the elections with a view to knowing how to make back the money immediately they are sworn in. Smart people!
Governor elect XYZ sold three buildings, took a total of N2billion loan from three banks to prosecute the election. Be certain that those two buildings would be replaced with 10 and that N2billion would be paid back in five months and his account would house nothing less than N80billion in four years! Smart people!
But the electorates are not so smart. Have you calculated how much you spent on data to make noise for these guys? Have you calculated how many people you hurt? How many friends you have lost and would never respect you again either because of their hypersensitivity, immaturity, or your overbearing campaign languages. You have destroyed so much relationship, people who could help you in your trajectory, because of some politicians who do not know you nor would say thank you.
In June 1993, after Babangida annulled the June 12 victory of his friend Abiola, Babangida stepped aside as the military president of Nigeria. Nigeria was boiling, the followers of Abiola in SDP were shouting, asking for the actualisation of June 12. Babangida was seen as a pariah, hated and villified for the injustice he presided over against Abiola. It was stultifying to we Abiola supporters when Punch broke the news that Abiola had gone behind to settle with Babangida. Punch published a letter Abiola wrote titled “LET’S BE FRIENDS AGAIN”.
When the letter was leaked to the public, ears tingled. People felt betrayed by Abiola. We were fighting Babangida because of you, you went behind to be friends again! Politicians for you. So wise. We were foolish. I was not surprised that Babagana Kingibe, Abiola’s VP candidate abandoned the June 12 ship and Abiola altogether and channeled his own political destiny. Don’t die for any politician!
In like manner, how do you want to write your LET’S BE FRIENDS AGAIN letter to the guys and babes you have hurt over the elections? In 2015, I was crazy for Buhari. Jesus! As a journalist of the gospel, my primary constituency is the Church. After the elections, I discovered that my friends list have reduced by about 120 people. A closer study showed that I have lost about 21 pastor friends including 8 top General Overseers, four top gospel musicians, 14 artistes, six top civil servants, etc.
These were people who respected me so much and have shown love to me at one time or the other. I lost them because of Buhari or the way I did my campaign for him. Buhari no send me message fa! I was just stupid. I hurt my friends, my constituency because of foolish politics. I did not repeat the mistake in 2019. I did my campaign with sense. Politicians do their things with sense! You will soon see them changing parties!
Politicians don’t hurt their friends because their interests could cross paths tomorrow. Do you think Tinubu and Atiku are enemies? Siddon there o. Don’t harm yourself thinking you are supporting a political party! Repair your burnt bridges NOW. LET’S BE FRIENDS AGAIN!



Adebola Adewara is a seminary teacher and web developer

He is the Principal Consultant of Livingprojects Ltd.
A widely travelled journalist, he worked for over 15 years with a plethora of newspapers in Nigeria before setting up Livingprojects Ltd in 2003. Adebola is a true lover of politics.

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