“Don’t Do What You Love, Do What Makes You Money First”

Pursuing passion without money is like driving a car to one’s destination with a complete flat tyre, or trying to run or walk fast in a muddy swamp.. Truth be told Money is a defense (Eccl. 7:12)….

So, there’s always this debate about pursuing your passion, or making money!

Some people on one end would argue that you need to do what you are passionate about and money will come while others on the other end would argue that you need to do what makes money first before chasing passion.

Most “motivational speakers” and “self-help gurus” would sell you on the idea that you can make infinite amount of money from any skill or passion or interest you have or can think of, but the thing is – if it was that easy everyone would already be doing it.

The reality is it’s not easy. BUT it’s not impossible. As long as you are ready to put in the hard work, and you’re prepared for the possibility of no returns for the first few years, and are versatile enough to turn challenges into solutions, then I say you have a good chance ofsuccess. I have always known without any prophet even telling me that i can never work in an office or for anybody..i know i can’t be happy at alllllll…now, I love fashion, I love to sew. Now, fashion never fetch me millions but you see that satisfaction and joy that comes with just doing it cause it makes me happy ehn, that’s all I need. With fashion, I will grow old not regretting what i should have done. I will die happy and fulfilled.. – MC Tom

Another thing most people who are on the side of doing what you love and are passionate about first always say is that “money doesn’t bring you happiness” and the people on the side of making money would say “Well, I rather cry in my Ferrari than laugh on a bus”

As you can see, it’s a constant battle among the two sides!

The question now is — which side am I on?

That’s the million-dollar question!

I am on the — Don’t Do What You Love — Do What Makes You Money First! side.

Wait, notice how I put “First” at the end of the sentence? Well, that’s because I also believe in doing things you are passionate about because there is a sense of joy and happiness that comes from you doing things you are passionate about but I also strongly believe that in the type of world where we live in where MONEY makes the world go round, there is a need to do things that makes money first, so that you can be in a position to actually be able to do things you are passionate about.

Let’s face it, you can only truly be happy doing things you are passionate about if you can afford to buy food for yourself and for the people who depend on you, if you have a place to sleep at night and if you are not always on the run because you cannot afford to pay your bills!

I think money brings happiness in some way. Doing what you love is birthed through your passion but there are days where passion is not enough, your passion can’t fund your projects, passion can’t buy your needs, passion can’t pay your bills. So I’d go with doing what makes you money first then bring in what i love into the picture cos honestly I need money to do what I love and the happiness that surrounds being able to pay your bills is *key*… – Dinky’s Pen

That’s the simple and honest truth!

I’m I right or I’m I right? (no typo)

Go to Instagram today and you will be bombarded by so called motivational and speakers, inspirational quotes and what have you of people telling you to quit your job, chase your passion and make a living from it. It’s just all hyped up! It’s not that simple!

Do you know how much these “motivational speakers” make from motivating you? A lot of bread! A loooot of bread!

You know what?

  1. Firstly, it’s NOT realistic to think that you can just quit your job, pursue your passion, and earn big bucks right away. Many don’t succeed. Those who do only start seeing real results after a lot of graft, hustle and years.
  2. Secondly, it’s not realistic to think that you can make money from pursuing your passion in a random way, without considering market needs. (if your passion doesn’t have a market need, you will be a starving artist)
  3. Thirdly, it’s also not realistic to think that you can generate money from your passion right away with no related experience/skills. Just like you can’t expect to get a job right away when switching to a completely unrelated field, you can’t expect to take off in your passion career by “boldly” pursuing it, without any plan or strategy.

I’m I right or I’m I right?

We need to call a spade a fucking spade! Enough with all these over hyped up motivation! Let’s be realistic godammit!

Beyond the basic flaws of a philosophy that urges emotion over practicality, there’s a strong, proactive case to be made for choosing a career or business path based on money.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve come to realize over the course of my career, hustle and grind:

1 Money makes chasing your passion easier! (duh!)

The truth is – we are not getting any younger.

No matter how young you might think you are right now, time flies and before you know it, you will be in your 40s, 50s and 60s where you cannot really work as hard or as much as you want to.

The time to get your money right is right now when you are still sharp and somewhat able to, because when you do, you will have all the time in the world to chase your passion and not have to worry about money.

Imagine being able to do what you love — dance, sing, act, draw, paint, speak, write or whatever you are passionate about and not having to worry about how to pay the rent or your bills? That can only happen if you get your money right first!

My passion is creating content in different forms — writing (for example this blog you are on right now) and music (mosly lyrics lol😁).

My most expensive passion that brings me happiness is music and that costs money! Music producers cost money – it doesn’t even matter if they are good or not, and the more quality producers you want to make use of, the more money they charge!!

This is just the fact!

So, get your money right first and trust me – you will be able to do whatever you are passionate about!

Secure yourself financially and stop making excuses with your dreams. – Alabi Ola

  1. Financial independence a.k.a “fuck off fund” is an inherently rational goal.

To a greater extent than most of us want or choose to admit, you’re only as principled and independent-minded as your bank account allows you to be.

So, if you really want to be free, not just from one bad relationship or one bad job / work situation, but to do what it is you really want to do, you need the dollars first and foremost.

You can only walk away from situations that you are not happy with if you’ve got “fuck off money”a.k.a “FU Money”

But this is not the case for millions of people. Day in and day out, I hear my family and friends complain about how stressful their job and work is, how under-appreciated they feel in their jobs and how dreadful it is having to wake up every day to go to work BUT they can’t do shit about it because they need the money, they don’t have the FU Money!

So, not having financial independence brings you more unhappiness and depression! What an irony!

This is why it is important to do what makes you money first, so you can be in a situation to work and do things you enjoy and not dread!

Get your money right FIRST!

  1. Money does buy you happiness (okay, let me finish)

In my personal experience, money and happiness are closely tied.

Seriously, they are!

If you come from poor or below average homes like most of us, you know what I’m talking about!

When you are broke and poor, you have this “scarcity mindset” where your main focus is on short-term survival, your decision-making ability is scrambled and your attention span narrowed.

When the bills come in and you are not able to pay, when you are not able to afford to buy the type of food your stomach yearns for, when you are not able to actually help your family members, brothers, sisters or parent who need your help financially, money becomes a monster that torments you.

You are in a constant state of worry, fear, un-happiness and need. Stop me when I tell a lie!

But when you get and have money and you are able to fulfil these basic needs, anxiety will wash away and you will be able to focus on things other than money!

“Simply put, more money will buy you happiness.”

Even with this simple fact, yet people around the world are still bombarded with the messages and quotes that striving to make a good living puts one at risk of living a dull, colourless life. I believe that’s a dangerous mindset because it doesn’t!

You know what makes me happy? Like extremely truly happy?

It’s the fact that any of my siblings or friends and loved ones can pick up the phone, call me and tell me about an urgent financial need (or whatever need) they have and I can tell them —— No worries bro or sis, check your account balance in the next 5 minutes!

Fuck! Nothing gives me more happiness than being in a position where I am so financially stable that I can always help my loved ones when they need me (or even if they don’t ask)!

The truth is Income and getting money is not only just for you, it allows you to do things you love and help people who mean something to you; your family, your spouse, your kids, your church, charity and the likes.

So, yeah – getting and working to make that money first is key!

In Conclusion.

So, the key advice is that you should seek a realistic balance between fulfilment and income/money.Think carefully before pursuing a dream or passion that will leave you struggling with your bills over the long term.

“Enjoying your work certainly increases your happiness, but that will be mitigated if your passions can’t pay for food, water, shelter and utilities – if you can’t put money in a savings account… if the occasional splurge is entirely outside your reach.”

So, please get your money right first, then chase your passion.


Daniel Damilola Nejo

Ajayi Ayooluwa Cornelius

Dinky’s Pen

Omotayo Ajayi (Mc Tom)

Alabi Ola

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  1. This is just… Wow. Like parents (Nigerian parents especially) are not entirely wrong with choosing a career path for their kids. Cos every parent would want their child to live decent if not lavish lives. Even if they go as far as overlooking what the child actually wants to do, be it passion or just interest… All in all, this is beautiful and wonderfully written.

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