Putting into consideration PMB and ATIKU; Nigerians want a seasoned mind

Putting into consideration PMB and ATIKU; Nigerians want a seasoned mind

One good time deserves another…goes the English saying but as a matter of fact, I would never say that Buhari’s administration deserves a second chance because his first tenure is an unbearable heck. In the same vein, I would not advise that his chief opponent, Atiku be elected.

Without mincing words, So far Nigerians expections are so much that we expect the govt to fix all our problem in one night when we not even ready to fix ourselves.
If not for anything but for the fact The current administration has failed the citizens expectations in many ways, especially as regards economy. To the best of my own little knowledge as a Nigerian, the situation of our economy until Buhari’s assumption of power was not this bad. However, from the time of his emergence till now, price of goods whatsoever got inflated. I wouldn’t condemn or commend whatever economic principles the country began to operate since 2015, or castigate his method of controlling the rate of import/ export activities. But considering the untold hardship and penury that this administration has brought upon many Nigerian families, the old man does not deserve a second time.

The issue of security is another bone of contention which must be considered from a very neutral point of view. It’s of course not deniable that the issue of security challenge was also one of the problems of the country even in the tenure of GEJ, however the problem has ironically increased in this administration beyond what any man can think of. The insurgency of boko-haram and the fight against it has paradoxically increased the rate of natality in the country. The Fulani/ farmers’ clashes have also increased in Benue, Zamfara and other parts of the country. Unfortunately, this administration cannot ameliorate this issue in almost four years.

I wouldn’t want to talk much about corruption and embezzlement of public fund which had been the order of the day in our dear nation many decades before I was born. ‘As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever may be in Nigeria; corruption’. This administration is of course guilty of it with many examples going viral in newspapers and mass media generally. Should we still give Buhari another chance? I’m afraid!
How about Atiku ? I would say NO! The man who owns a university of high standard that an average man in Adamawa cannot afford to attend. The same man was sometime ago a VP of an administration on which several allegations having to do with corruption were levied. I would say parts of his current manifesto may pose a threat to the country later in the future. I’m talking about privatization of NNPC…
Not to be too wordy, Nigeria needs a change urgently, Not of APC though. We need a change of mind and attitude. The masses need a recent education, politically. And to crown it all we need a change of the minds that rule us. We deserve seasoned minds and not old ones like Buhari’s or Atiku’s. You may say experience is the best teacher, but Young minds are very dynamic and quick to adapt.


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Post Credit; Sholly Lawrence PINNACLE


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