Are you one of the people who cannot stomach another man’s views of something? Are you one of the people who think they know someone so well enough that this and this must be his views of something… and immediately you found out that the person does not conform to your expectations, you get angry?
See, when you have a view of something and you think you are right, another man could have another view of the same thing without necessarily being wrong. Look at the picture attached.

Art pic

None of the viewers of the figure is wrong. Why do we then fuss over other people’s opinion of something on the social media?
Thank God that elections are not won or lost on the social media. The level of hate and intolerance exhibited here is legendary. Sometimes I wonder if the social media has come to destroy us the more. Nigerians often break the limits.
Can you imagine someone telling another man on his wall that … “I don’t expect this comment from you.” Who are you not to expect a comment or a position from someone? Hasn’t he right to his views? If you don’t agree with him, say so, canvass your position and walk away. Shikena! Must you abuse him for his position? The worst you can do is to delete yourself. There are close to a billion other people on Facebook. Find another friend rather than become a burden on a man for his views.
I have seen people abusing others for supporting PDP or APC. For God sake, can’t I be anywhere I like? What is your business if I  support Atiku or Buhari? Someone was blasting a pastor last week for supporting Buhari, saying Pastors support PDP. PDP is Christians’ party. Really? So Atiku is a fake Muslim for being in a Christian party and Osibajo is a fake Christian for being in a Muslim party? Intolerance!
At the end of the day, these political party you and i are supporting are birds of a feather, one and the same, where all the politicians walk in and out. Tomorrow, Oshiomole, whom you see as an enemy, in APC today can walk into PDP. Okorocha, if what we read is right, is already threatening to walk back to PDP. Saraki and Dino can be back to APC tomorrow. Why are we Nigerians so so so foolish to allow these unscrupulous people pitch us against one another? Do you know how many people have been killed over this elections?
Why not join the Jesus party and commit your expectations and economy into the hands of God, rather than making enemies and constituting yourself into nuisance on people’s walls?


Adebola Adewara is a Journalist. Seminary Teacher. Social Media Manager. ICT Consultant. Author. Counsellor.

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