Suicide Is Never An Option



Its no longer news and we are not deaf nor blind to the rampant happenings on suicide recently and most of this death occurs as a result of depression


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Depression is real and it kills, nothing in this world is worth losing your soul for, suicide is never and will never be a better option.

This life is in phases; and when yours come to the point you think letting go on life is the best option, look around you and recognise this is a phase you have to live through.


Be contented with the life you’re living until you can change it, don’t want what you can’t afford, forget about the people who wrong you and looked you down, is it your relationship that went down the drain?


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You can live through it and you should, your soul is precious don’t lose it.

Suicide is never an option, its only leads to eternal destruction and damnation, if you feel you can’t live through it on your own then seek counsel, talk your pain out, there’s someone who still care about you and they want you to live.


No matter how big the problem is, always say to yourself “this too shall pass“.




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