The Beauty of a Taurus Queen

The Beauty of a Taurus Queen

A wild flower, rare, beautiful, and surprising.

She stands strong and distinguished among the rest.

Her natural yet subtle beauty entrancing,

The clarity of Nature once again is manifest.

The analogy yields to the beauty within,

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Visions of an infinitely complex fractal recursion fall short.

All attempts to describe implode before they begin,

Analytically intractable, impenetrable by thought.

Her honest curiosity humbles me.

Through layers of warmth, I see beyond her smile.

Volition and intellectual acuity; a reminder,

She kowtows to no-one, yes I like this girls style.

From the moment I heard the first word from her lips,

I wondered whether I was seeing a mirage,

Upon getting closer my expectations were eclipsed,

A prison break, release, my feelings were at large.

What to do I asked myself, if only she would reciprocate my affection,

With ruffled complexion, I’m tortured by my minds misdirection,

Neuronal circuits put it to the vote but there is no election.

To divide and to section, to solve with mechanical perfection,

that’s what my mind strives for, its built to relentlessly question

The mystery prevails, can she and will she cure this infection?



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