by ameboclick


That the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), the Afenifere group, or even the entirety of Yorubas should react to the murder of Mrs Funke Olakunrin is not, and should never be misconceived as a call for war, rather a call for justice. It’s a call for restoration of civility, a call for peaceful existence and orderly inter-tribal / multi-tribal cohabitation. A call for control, a call for peace in a situation where love for humanity dwindles as it is here in Nigeria…

One doesn’t even need calling for war because this land, as I can’t call it a nation, is already at war with herself. She’s at war with you and me, with your father and mine. She’s even at war with our children yet to be born, and we are at war with her as well. Ruminate before you disagree.

The democracy of this land, so-called, is a masqueraded anarchy and the idea of great people one nation had been a mere proposition since the days of yore, and is still. Democracy of Nigeria as of today should, denotatively, be denominalized as ‘democratic’. Putting the form of system we have currently as the headword, ‘anarchy’, thus, we’ll have ‘democratic anarchy’. You may disagree, this is where we are.

We are in the land of “all animals are equal but some are more eqaul than others.” We are in that land where fish swallows another fish for feed to get fat, and that is what justice is called in our land. We wander in the land where social, cultural and political menaces constitute our watchword. Such is our land…

The central government of this land has more to do than sending condolence letters to those families which pains of separation have consumed and left in eternal melancholy. Whereas a set of people constitutes the predators, some other sets fall victims in the same country where ‘unity’ is cheaply advertised as a forsaken commodity. The ideology of unity in this land is a mirage: a mere illusion just like political promises. Ponder well, then argue ethically.




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