Why you shouldn’t rush into marriage

Let me start by saying this ” Marriage isn’t prayer meeting, marriage isn’t bible study, marriage is not a study class, marriage is not a party you can rush in and out from anytime”.

Marriage is commitment, the union of two different souls as one. Often time people rush into Marriage without having the basis of what it entails, an average human just want to get married because it is a norm for the community or society.

Marriage should be built on specific goals and purpose not just for the fun of it, to get married one has to be ready psychologically, materially, financially and even spiritually because once you do then it’s not just about you, another soul has been added to yours, now two souls live in your body,You don’t take decisions without considering your partner…

All of these are reasons why you shouldn’t rush it, take time to know or study your partner before marriage, you don’t study after exams, you study before it, be prepared, identify your faults and your partner’s flaws; can you cope, can you put up with this for the rest of your life?? Remember Marriage is till death do us part, you don’t jump out of a moving train; you will crash😟😟. So take time, you can’t wait forever but your waiting in preparation can earn you forever with your partner. Be prepared before you go for it; it’s a no rush thing.


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