WOBIA By Sholly Lawrence PINNACLE




The day ‘Sigidi’ would lose her dignity
‘She requested ‘Aye’s river for swimming…
When our prince would miss his royalty
He ordered the head of ‘Igunugun’ for soup
And the liver of ‘Akalamago’ for royal stew
That night, the ‘Irumoles’ were trespassed

Our dear prince had forgetten
He had forgotten rather too soon
That just last night his father ate Igunungu
And his forefathers consumed Akalamago
Then, they marched like termites’ soldiers
Down to the land beyond.

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For no man murders Igunugu
And still survive that year
Nor feeds on Akalamago
And live beyond that month
For these birds are ‘adiye irana;
Won kii se oun ajegbe, rara!’

Now, like the wayward kings
Our Lords have slaughtered the forbidden birds
In the manners of the greedy prince
Our Masters have fed on the mother’s ‘eye’
They have stolen the seven-eyed ‘pepeye’
And they shall die ‘finifini’ like forest fire!
‘Ase waa’







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