Wrong Lover – A Poem By Temmy

Waking up to breakup

I gave you my all but you chose to be stuck-up

I chose not to mind what others were saying
Up until the time it came to me, that you were ‘slying’

You treated me like a child
Told me I was a worthless find

I took all the jabs
But not anymore
Not another stab

In your eyes
My heart was no prize
Your eyes told lies
You never listened to my cries
A minute longer with you would have been my demise

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You made me look like a fool
You used me like a tool
I wanted an angel
Instead I got a ghoul

My heart was a bed of flowers
You just had to grab that lawnmower

You made me believe that you were my pillar
You made me believe that you were no sinner

I made you dinner
You ate to your satisfaction, then said it was bitter

You made me believe your heart was gold
Alas, it was nothing but worthless coal

I’ve learnt my lesson
I count you as a blessing
I won’t let my heart go stressing
Just because I met the wrong person

I’ll start over
Raise my castle that already tumbled over
I already have my four leafed clover
And with the remains of my heart
I’ll find a true lover


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