Your Love, My Drug – Amazing poem by Temmy

Your Love, My Drug

Every inch of you I crave
You, my master, and I, your slave
In my heart, your very soul is engraved
My devotion to you,
I shall take to my grave

Your love and attention,
Devoid of any distractions
Your body and actions,
Is my very obsession

Like fresh oxygen to a new born’s lungs
Like a starved boy’s new found crumbs
Like the synchronized movements of hungry lovers’ tongues
I devour you, never for once left feeling numb

The feeling of your skin against mine
The way your eyes light up when you smile
Your heart, your style
Your sighs and your lies
I cannot deny, I do not despise

The rhythm your voice holds,
I dance to, without being told
Your presence, worth more than a pot of gold
Without it, I’d be left with a deathly cold

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For you are my cure
My love and my drug


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