Your talent, the driving force behind your purpose

Been purposeful has to do with you making up your mind to do something to get a particular goal. What this is talking about is “i might purpose in my mind to impact every female on earth” The purpose is to get across  female and the goal is to make impact” The next question should be how do I now do this? This is where your talents comes in. Your talent and purpose should walk in line together, your talent is like a driving force for your purpose.   Discover your talents and abilities, align them with your purpose.An undiscovered talent is better off an unused talent.

First is discovery, then motivation, that is be motivated to pursue what you’ve just discovered and then perseverance … Yea, you persevere, no matter what may, through the challenges and the look down #persevere and always believe no man can use your talent better than #YOU.


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